• Please collect the ash from the stoves in a tin bucket. Do not dispose of the ash in the trash, as it may ignite! We provide paper, wood for chips, and firewood for firefighting. It is explosive and the use of any oil, kerosene or petrol that promotes liquid ignition is prohibited! If embers remain from the previous firing and a liquid igniter is charged for this, gas is generated which can explode, cause burns and wreak havoc.
  • Drying on the stove is prohibited and flammable! Things you forget there can catch fire or melt on the stove.
  • The air conditioning / heat blower in the house shall be switched off when you are not in the house. In winter, in the event of high heat in the rooms, the radiators should be sealed rather than ventilated for a longer period of time. Do not dry clothes on the radiators, a drying rack is provided for this purpose.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the houses! It is allowed on the terrace or in the yard. Please put the cigarette butt in the ashtrays used for this purpose!
  • For extra safety, please, close the gas cylinder after use! When not in the guest house, please close the windows. In case of showers and thunderstorms, the water flowing through the open window damages the floor.
  • Pets are not allowed in the guest houses! We kindly ask our pet-friendly guests not to feed any dogs and cats that may come around the house, or to hand over any leftovers outside the fence. For the same reason, please keep the garden gate closed, especially when you are not in the yard.
  • Please respectfully collect garbage selectively! Place the glass, plastic and metal cans in the holders provided for this purpose (in the boiler room).
  • Tap water is potable and officially controlled. The toilet flush button should be checked after use, because if the water does not close, it is easy for the well to be left without water, which will cause inconvenience.
  • Upstairs rooms and the gallery of the small house can be accessed without street shoes or slippers! Carpets and sponges are found on the benches and chairs in the yard. We also keep blankets here, which can be laid down boldly, even on the green grass. Bedspreads and blankets in the house would be requested not to be used outside the house!
  • Please keep quiet! It is not allowed to listen to any loud machine music in the yard! Singing or playing any instrument (e.g., violin, guitar, accordion, etc.) are of course not prohibited.
  • We are grateful to be notified if any abnormality is noticed (e.g., dripping tap, faulty equipment, etc.).
  • Please keep the accommodation and furnishings in their original condition! They are obliged to settle any damage caused at the accommodation on the spot! If the items of use deteriorate or break during use, we are happy to be reported about the incident so that we can rectify the fault as soon as possible.

We reserve the right to select our guests!
Thank you very much for your kind attention and understanding! We wish you very a pleasant stay!


537075, Darjiu

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