Crossing the border:
To cross the border from the direction of Hungary, it is sufficient to present a valid ID card.

Whether you chose the road section in Southern Transylvania or Central Transylvania, both are with well-equipped fuel wells, prices are still under 1 EUR per liter.

Road conditions:
The main roads are suitable all over Romania and Szeklerland, you can except well maintained and repaired roads.

Road Tax:
It is necessary to pay the toll in the country, which can be obtained at gas stations, the value in the case of a car approx. 3 euros / 7 days or 7 euros / 30 days. The toll is valid also for the motorway sections (no separate motorway toll applies).

Payment methods:
Euro and forint are generally accepted, but it is preferable to exchange as much in official bills as is sufficient quantity for the duration of the trip. There are also bank card vending machines in many places that they speed up safe withdrawals, or you can pay by card in many places.

Food acquisition:
It is not worth loading a lot of food, because Székelyudvarhely / Székelyderzs and its surroundings are good with grocery stores where you can buy everything you need. Prices are similar to Hungarian prices! There is MERKUR in Székelyudvarhely and many multi ABCs as well as small ones. The village also has a well-stocked small shop.

If traditional, mostly preservative-free foods are preferred and welcome try the traditional products of local producers, we are happy to recommend Székelyudvarhely, II. Rákóczi Ferenc utca 15. located at the “Helyénvaló” local store.

The market day in Székelyudvarhely is on Tuesdays, when local producers from the surrounding settlements import their goods (vegetables, fruits, dairy and meat products) and you can have a good chat with them.

On the last Saturday of each month, you can taste and buy local delicacies, traditional products or choose from the leeks of artisans at the Market of the Traditional Products Fair set up in the center of Székelyudvahrhely.

Recommended restaurants in Székelyudvarhely: Gondűző, Gizi Csárda, Schwarz Bistro, Septimia.

Mobile phones have strong signal at the property. Arriving in Transylvania, operating on a contractual basis device should be dialed in the same way as if they were in Hungary, and the prices are discounted prices within the union.

In general, the local weather, similarly to Hungary, is influenced by the Middle East front effects, thus, we can expect similar weather, with a shift of one or two days. Expect, however, that a due to the proximity of the mountains (650-850 altitude), usually a few degrees cooler it is.


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